Xi'an-icon Xi'anball (西安球) is the chief-town of China-icon (subdivision2) Shaanxiball and is one of China-icon Chinaball's oldest cityballs. He is recognized as one of the "Four Great Ancient Capitalballs of Chinaball", having held the position under several 1-icon (division) dynastic Chinaballs. Sometimes also refer to the capital of northwest capital of China. Qin the first emperor live under Xi'anball. Li with his terracotta Warriors waiting for a right time to conquer and reunited China. He can also into vice-provincial cityball.

He was the first Chinese cityball to be introduced to Islam, thus he has a lot of kebabs living on his clay.

Xi'an once called Xijing in ancient time, in Chinese it means West capital. He also has the Tokyo-icon east, Beijing-icon north, and Nanjing-icon south version.


Xi'anball was born as a 1-icon 1ball around 1100 BC. During the reign under Zhouball, he was named Fenghaoball. He was later renamed Chang'anball during the Hanball's rule, although he was also sometimes referred to as Xijingball.

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