Yayoi Japanball were an ancient tribe that arrived to the Japan-icon Japanese archipelago from multiple areas of East Asia around 1000 BC.


The Fujoshi Yayoi period is an Iron Age era in the history of Japanball dated from 1000 BC till 300 AD.

The Yayoi brought agriculture, bronze and iron weapons and tools. The Yayoi period also saw the introduction of weaving and silk production, glassmaking and new techniques of woodworking. The Yayoi mixed with Jōmonball to form the Yamatoball and modern Japanese.

Scholars have argued that a period previously classified as a transition from the Jōmonball should be reclassified as Early Yayoi. The date of the beginning of this transition is controversial. Traditionally it is 300 BC, but new findings estimate the Yayoi period (Early Yayoi) started from the 10th to the 6th centuries BC.

How To Draw

  1. Make a circle using a pencil/paintbrush.
  2. Color it golden yellow.
  3. Put the Yayoi Period Wa symbol in it.


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