Yemenball is a countryball in the Middle East. Yemenball is often suffering because it is one of the poorest countries in the world and it is the poorest country in the Middle East. It also faces issues of poverty, corruption, illiteracy, unemployment, child brides and it is predicted to be the first countryball whose capital will run out of water. As a result, it is often sad and dejected but attempts to keep faith in God. Yemenball gets nearly all of its money from oil. Yemenball has clay disputes with Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball and Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball. He also has the highest case fatality rate of COVID-19 at 28%.



  • Japan-icon.png Japanball - Thank you for accepting my refugees. Also I like his cars and anime!
  • Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball- Arabian Tringapore! She lets my refugees into her clay. Unlike her neighbors, she is relaxed calm and not power hungry. She is probably my best Afro-Arabian friend I can possibly have.



  • Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball - Just like Iranball told me about it. Also Stop Bombing Me! AND WHAT DID I DO TO GET MY IMMAGRENTS TO DETENTION CAMPS?
  • Israel-icon.png Israelcube - FREE PALESTINE!! YOU ALSO Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball protecter!!!! You support dictatorship!! HARAM HARAM!!! Why are you taking away my islands!!! I Hate you so goddam much. Worst enemy.
  • Morocco-icon.png Moroccoball - FREE WESTERN SAHARA!!! ALSO AN Israel-icon.png Israelcube and Saudi Arabia-icon.png Saudi Arabiaball protecter!!! You support both of them!!! HARAM HARAM!!! Why are you bombing me with my enemies!!! I hate you so goddamn much. Another worst enemy.
  • UAE-icon.png UAEball - Yuo have to remember to stop splitting Yemen.
  • Eritrea-icon.png Eritreaball - Never forget 1995! Also the Hanish archipelago is mine, stop stealing my islands. Even my good friend Djibouti-icon.png Djiboutiball complained invasions.
  • EU-icon.png EUball - REMOVE SANCTIONS AND STOP INVADING ME PLOX! Good thing is UK-icon.png my buddy left your UNION!!!

How to draw

Draw Yemenball is easy.

  1. Divide the basic circle shape into three vertical stripes
  2. Color the stripes of this red, white and black
  3. Draw eyes and you have finished


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