Yilanball is a state of Taiwan-icon Taiwanball, He lives on the north-east side of the Taiwan island, and his location is very controversy because he's some times belongs in North Taiwan and sometimes in East Taiwan. He really likes his cold springs because he has a fizzy cold spring as there is only two of them in the world, the other one owned by Sicilyball. Plus, he says his is better. He owns an island that looks like a turtle.


Yilanball was full of natives until 1632 when Spanish invaded parts of the coast.

In 1768 Qing came and "civilized" the place.

When Japanball was in charge, Yilanball belonged to Taipeiball.

He's a real state by 1950 after WWII.

How to draw

Drawing Yilanball is very hard

  1. Divide the circle to two Ukrainian peices
  2. Color the upper part Moss green and bottom part blue.
  3. Somehow, make a gradient between the colors.
  4. Draw two mountains in gold in the upper part
  5. Draw two gusts of wind in the bottom
  6. Add eyes and your done


Flag of Yilan County.svg

Yilanball's flag

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