Yogyakarta Sultanateball is historical countryball of Indonesiaball. His ex-clay is part of Special Region of Yogyakartaball today.


Yogyakarta Sultanateball is great-great grandson of Majapahitball. He was born in 1755, and his father is Mataram Sultanateball. His father gave him name "Yodyakarta" adopted from Ayodya (a kingdom in Ramayana story) and Karta (crowded). Sultanate of Yogyakartaball also had a brother named Sunanate of Surakartaball. They are hostile brothers. In 1813 his first son, Pakualamanball was born.

Five years after Indonesiaball declare their independence in 1945 Sultanate of Yogyakartaball join into Indonesiaball. In 1950 he merged with Pakualamanball and gave birth his second son Yogyakartaball who become a special region of Indonesiaball.

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How To Draw

  1. Draw basic yellow circle shape
  2. Draw Sultanate of Yogyakarta's coat of arm
  3. Add Mataram's traditional sultan headgear
  4. Draw the eyes. And you've finished


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