Yogyakartaball also known as Special Region of Yogyakartaball and Jogjakartaball is a special province-level region of Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball. He was born in a merger of Sultanate of Yogyakartaball and Pakualamanball. He possesses 3.185,80 km square of clay in south of java. His clay is a beautiful place which become the second favourite tourism destination in Indonesia after Bali-icon.png Baliball. Yogyakartaball is a polite and friendly provinceball. He usually wears a blangkon (traditional javanese headgear).



Yogyakartaball is the second son and the only grandson of Sultanate of Yogyakartaball. In 1813 Pakualamanball was born as Sultanate of Yogyakartaball first son, a century later in 1950 he merged with his father and gave birth of Yogyakartaball. When Indonesia-icon.png Indonesiaball got freedom in 1945, Yogyakartaball announced that he supports Indonesiaball's independence, and was being one of Indonesiaball's province. In 2010s, Yogyakartaball wanted a referendum because Indonesiaball didn't give him monies. Yogyakartaball's autonomy was later increased to a special regional provinveball instead of a regular provinceball.


Yogyakartaball name adopted from his father's name : Sultanate of Yogyakartaball. The original term is Yodyakarta which comes from two word (Ayodya and Karta). Ayodya is a name of kingdom in Ramayana tale and Karta means crowded. His full name is Special Region of Yogyakartaball. Sometimes his friends also called him Yogyaball, Jogjakartaball, and Jogjaball.


Yogyakartaball is great-great-great grandson (also great-great-great-great grandson) of Majapahit-icon.png Majapahitball. His full pedigree name is Yogyakartaball son of Sultanate of Yogyakartaball son of Mataram Sultanateball son of Pajang Sultanateball son of Demak Sultanateball son of Majapahitball. Based on fact the name of Pakualamanball could be added between Yogyakartaball and Sultanate of Yogyakartaball.

How to draw

To draw Yogyakartaball is not difficult:

  • Draw the basic circle shape
  • Fill the ball with dark blue
  • Draw the coat of arm of Special Region of Yogyakarta
  • Draw the blangkon (traditional native headgear)
  • Draw the eyes and you've finished



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