The Yugoslav Wars were a series of conflicts that took place in the Balkans and saw the end of Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball.


The beginning

The war began when Croatia-icon (1990).png Croatiaball and Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball declared independence from Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball. 10 days later Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball officially broke away from Yugoslavia-icon.pngYugoslaviaball. Meanwhile Serbian Krajina-icon.png Serbian nationalists in Croatia-icon (1990).png Croatiaball's clay their own independence.

Ten day war

The Ten day war was when Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball fought Slovenia-icon.png Sloveniaball for only ten days. The reason it lasted for ten days is because after ten days Slobodan Milosevic-icon.png Milošević did not really care.

Croatian homeland war

First the Serbian nationalist began to remove Croatia-icon (1990).png Croatiaball from there new republic Serbian Krajina-icon.png Serbian Krajinaball while Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball laid siege to Dubrovnik-icon.png Dubrovnikball yet the cityball didn't fall. Meanwhile Macedonia-icon (1992-95).png Macedonia peacefully left Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball. In January,1992 UN-icon.png UNball called for a ceasefire and sent troops to keep the peace

The Bosnian War

In 1992 Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball declared independence from Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball so the Serbia-icon.png Serbs there responded by declaring independence, becoming Srpska Republic-icon.png Srpska Republicball. soon these Serbia-icon.png  Serbs removed Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball from their clay and sieged Sarajevo-icon.png Sarajevoball. Meanwhile the Herzeg-Bosnia-icon.png Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.png Croat-Bosniak war began in July. soon Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball lost a lot of clay but ,thanks to threat of Sanctions from USA-icon.pngUSAball and other western nations, Croatia-icon (1990).png Croatia made peace with Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.png Bosnia in 1994 and allied to defeat Srpska Republic-icon.png Srpska Republicball and Serbian Krajina-icon.png Serbian Krajinaball. Soon Croatia-icon (1990).png Croatiaball and Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball retook a lot of clay and where helped by USA-icon.pngUSAball's airstrikes and soon in late 1995 Serbian Krajina-icon.png Serbian Krajinaball and Srpska Republic-icon.png Srpska Republicball surrendered and their clay was annexed by Croatia-icon (1990).png Croatiaball and Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.png Bosnia and Herzegovinaball respectively and Croatia-icon (1990).png Croatiaball and Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina-icon.pngBosnia and Herzegovinaball officially left.

The Kosovo War

Kosovo War Was a war between Albania-icon.png Albaniaball and Panslavic-icon.png FR Yugoslaviaball over Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball. It was caused when Commie-Broz-yugoslave-guy-icon.gif Josip Tito (former leader of Yugoslavia) opened Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaballs borders and allowed Albania-icon.png Albanian immigrants in. This eventually lead to Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball being filled with an Albania-icon.png Albanian majority which outnumbered the Serbia-icon.png Serb population. This lead to many protests and so Albania-icon.png Albaniaball and Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball had a war with each other leading to an Albania-icon.png Albanian victory with the help of USA-icon (modern soldier).png US troops .

Insurgency in Macedonia

In 2001 some Albania-icon.png Albanian nationalists started an insurgency in Macedonia-icon (1992-95).png Macedoniaball.The insurgents were known as the NLA. Most NLA fighters were former soldiers of the KLA.Macedonia-icon.png Macedoniaball won and kept their eastern part.


After the Panslavic-icon.pngAlbania-icon.pngKosovo-icon.png Kosovo War, Yugoslavia-icon.png Yugoslaviaball became Panslavic-icon.png Serbia and Montenegroball but in 2006 Montenegro-icon.png Montenegroball spilt from Serbia-icon.png Serbiaball after a referendum.

Kosovo's Independence

In 2008 Kosovo-icon.png Kosovoball declared independence although Serbia-icon.png  Serbiaball and many other countryballs don't recognize it


[1]Yugoslav Wars | 3 Minute History


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