Zanzibarball is an autonomous countryball in Southeastern Africa. He's a part of Tanzania-icon Tanzaniaball, but he doesn't like it. Gib independence to him!


Zanzibarball born as a 8-icon 8ball, adopted by Portuguese Empire-icon Kingdom of Portugalball, Oman-icon Omanball, and UK-icon UKball. After 1963, Tanzania-icon Tanzaniaball claimed him as his adopted child, but Zanzibar-icon Zanzibarball is of independent! Also, Fredster Mercury was borned on his clay.

Drawing Zanzibarball

Drawing him is nearly simple.

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Draw 3 stripes, the upper one with cerulean, the mid-one with black and the down one with green.
  3. Draw an Tanzanian flag at the left side of the cerulean stripe
  4. Draw two eyes, and you're done!