Zoroastrianismball (also known as Zarathustraismball, Mazdaismball, Magianismball), is a religionball founded by the Prophet Achaemenid-icon Zoroaster (Zarathushtra) in Achaemenid-icon Persiaball during the 6th century BC. It was a state religion of Iranian dynasties from Achaemenid-icon Achaemenidball till Sassanid-icon Sassanidball. He still exists in some regions but was nearly eliminated by Islamball.

Some people say that he influenced the three principal religions (Jew-icon Judaismcube, Christian-icon Christianityball, Islam-icon Islamball).

His main god is God-icon Ohrmazd/Ahura Mazda (also called Khuda, the Iranian word for "Lord" or "God") a creative deity, who is opposed to Satan-icon Ahriman/Angra Mainyu (Satan), an evil spirit of destruction.


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